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Rubric for survey analysis paper, SOCI 419, Spring 2022 (20 points total):

Please submit your paper in a single file, including tables and graphs, in Word. The filename should begin with your last name, then “_survey_paper”, then doc or docx. Put page numbers on the document.

Give yourself enough time to let the first draft of the paper sit overnight, at least, then go back and edit and proofread. Try to submit as professional a document as possible (minimize typos, grammatical errors, inconsistencies in formatting, etc.).

Title, name (1 point):
An informative and potentially interesting title: may include a colon.
Your name.
Date of submission.

Summary (1 point):
Approximately 100 words. (Word counts are approximate targets.)
Summarize all aspects of the paper, including the question you are investigating, what you found in the literature, and what you found in the data you analyzed.

Literature Review (6 points):
Approximately 600 words.
Identify at least three scholarly publications on your subject.
Describe each of them, what evidence they present, and how their views differ.
Offer polite critiques of the methods or the evidence, if appropriate.
Say what hypothesis or hypotheses these studies lead us to expect with our own survey data.
2 points maximum (for 6 points total) for each study; 1 point if the study is not entirely appropriate for your subject or your description does not cover the study’s evidence, perspective, or hypotheses fully.

Survey Description (1 point):
Approximately 100 words.
Describe the survey we conducted as a class, including how many people we interviewed, how we selected interviewees, who they are supposed to “represent,” what the goal of the survey was, and what sorts of questions we asked.

Survey Analysis (10 points):
Approximately 600 words.
This is the heart of your paper.
Use at least three tables or charts drawing on the survey data (3 points total for tables/charts – 1 point each).
Use paragraphs to make a series of points showing what is “interesting” in the survey data.
Describe the findings in your tables and charts fully and accurately (6 points total for discussion – 2 points for each table/chart).
In a concluding paragraph, discuss how these findings correspond (or do not correspond) to the hypotheses you identified in your literature review (1 point).

References (1 point):
Full bibliographic reference for each work cited. Select any scholarly bibliographic format you are comfortable with.