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Liberal Islam Web Links

Collected by Charles Kurzman
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

As noted in the introduction to the Liberal Islam anthology, I use the term “liberal” to refer to basic themes in the history of liberalism, such as democracy, freedom of thought, social equality, and human progress. The term “liberal” has a variety of meanings, to be sure, and its reputation in much of the Islamic world has been tainted by its hypocritical introduction under colonialism. Thus these links, and the Liberal Islam anthology itself, include some authors and activists who may not consider themselves “liberal,” though they deal seriously with liberal themes.

Web sites or pages devoted to authors in the Liberal Islam anthology:

Chapter 7. Mehdi Bazargan, Iran.
Chapter 9. Rachid Ghannouchi, Tunisia: Muslim Students Association listing
Chapter 10. Sadek Sulaiman, Oman:
Chapter 12. Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan:
Chapter 13. Fatima Mernissi, Morocco:
Chapter 15. Muhammad Shahrour, Syria:
Chapter 17. Chandra Muzaffar, Malaysia:
Chapter 18. Mohamed Talbi, Tunisia: Muslim Students Association listing
Chapter 20. Rusmir Mahmutcehajic, Bosnia:
Chapter 21. `Ali Shari`ati, Iran:
Chapter 22. Yusuf Qaradawi, Egypt-Qatar:
Chapter 23. Mohamed Arkoun, Algeria-France: Muslim Students Association listing
Chapter 24. `Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na`im, Sudan-USA:
Chapter 26. Abdulkarim Soroush, Iran:
Chapter 27. Muhammad Iqbal, India:,,
Chapter 29. Nurcholish Madjid, Indonesia:

Other Muslim authors devoted to discussion or promotion of liberal themes:

Khaled Abou El Fadl, Kuwait-Egypt-USA:,
Nasr Abu Zaid, Egypt:
Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Malaysia: (site may not be operational)
Karim Douglas Crow, USA:
Asghar Ali Engineer, India:,
Mohammad Omar Farooq, Bangladesh-USA:
Fethullah Gülen, Turkey:,
Zeeshan Hasan’s Liberal Islamic Web Site, Bangladesh:
Tarek Heggy, Egypt,
Mohsen Kadivar, Iran:
Muqtedar Khan, India-USA: and
Amhed Subhy Mansour, Egypt,
S. Parvez Manzoor, Sweden:
Abdurrahman Wahid, Indonesia:
Edip Yüksel, Turkey-USA:

Islamic organizations devoted to discussion or promotion of liberal themes:

Al-Qalam, South Africa:
An-Nahdha, Tunisia:
Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, USA:
Claremont Main Road Mosque, South Africa:
Etudes Musulmanes, France:
Free-Minds, Saudi Arabia:
Ikatan Cendekiawan Muslim Se-Indonesia (ICMI), Indonesia:
International Center for Islam and Pluralism (ICIP), Indonesia:
International Institute for Islamic Thought, USA and Malaysia:
Islam21, England:
Islamic Intellectual Forum, USA:
Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights, USA:
Liberal Islam Network, Indonesia:
Liberation Movement of Iran:
Liberty for Muslim World, England:
Minaret of Freedom, USA:
Ministry of W. Deen Muhammad, USA:
Muslim Public Affairs Council, USA:
Muslim WakeUp!, USA:
Muslim World Journal of Human Rights, USA-UK-Canada:
Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia:
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, Canada:
Progressive Dawoodi Bohras, India:
Progressive Muslims, U.S.:
Qalandar: Islam and Interfaith Relations in South Asia:
Sisterhood Is Global Institute, Canada:
Tasneem Project, England:
The American Muslim, U.S.:
Umma Party, Sudan:
Women Living Under Muslim Laws, England-Pakistan-Nigeria,

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Last updated December 11, 2008.